Salim in News

Mercer Island Reporter, Becker versus Nice

Salim Nice answers Mercer Island Reporters Questions on Upcoming Election Issues

“I voted for increasing diversity within our police and fire departments, adding Asian, Latino, Black, and female police officers and, for the first time, a female firefighter to our ranks this year.

I voted to launch a pilot project equipping three Mercer Island police patrol vehicles with automated license plate reader (ALPR) technology to increase officer safety and aid in the identification of missing persons, stolen vehicles, and persons with warrants.

I proposed, and the council approved in a 7-0 vote, the modest conversion of the former Tully’s Coffee building into a Town Center police precinct in 2022. A MIPD precinct staffed with volunteers will hub officers and their equipment steps away from the new transit station.

I support and voted for Ordinance 21C-02, which protects our parks, open spaces, and rights-of-ways and connects people experiencing homelessness to the critical services and shelters they need, none of which are available in Mercer Island.

I will continue to work with our police chief, firefighters, and public safety staff to identify and resource additional tools necessary to ensure the levels of public safety Islanders expect.

When an emergency happens, we must have an immediate, local response. This is a non-negotiable priority for me, and I know our community shares this value.” said Nice, in response to questions posed by, Andy Nystrom of the Mercer Island Reporter on October 5, 2021.

Salim in News

Mercer Island Reporter Letters to the Editor

Mercer Island candidate letters | Election 2021

“Salim heard citizen concerns about public safety, and strongly supported policies that devoted resources to MIPD. Salim conducts himself with the highest ethical standards, and has led the council to improve ethics, transparency, and accountability in all city government…” said Ryan Rahlfs, Mercer Island, in a letter published in Mercer Island Reporter on October 4, 2021.

Salim in News

City Council to Partner with Area Shelters

Anderl and Nice Propose Funding Partnership with Area Shelters

“Councilmembers Lisa Anderl and Salim Nice led a discussion in requesting an appropriation of about $20,000 to go toward the city’s potential work with The Sophia Way and Congregations for the Homeless, and council hopes that city staff can present this passage as an agenda bill at an upcoming meeting.” reported, Andy Nystrom of the Mercer Island Reporter on September 8, 2021.