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Financial Sustainability

Financial Sustainability

In three years, the city has faced a budget crisis, development moratorium in Town Center, and adoption of a new Ethics Code.

Salim has worked to find budget efficiencies, abnormalities and innovative funding sources for services. 

Expanding support for the Thrift Store and Mercer Island Youth and Family Services, a valuable resource for residents, was extremely important to Salim, not only as the need increased during the pandemic, but for the future sustainability of services for residents. 

With unique and critical experience and expertise – Salim was instrumental in guiding the City through the challenging budget process, as the City grappled with the defeat of Prop 1. The City’s financial stability has been strengthened with Salim’s guidance.

The City has re-focused on priorities, reduced costs across the board, and has become more efficient in every department.

Salim was instrumental in the repeal of the Multi-Family Tax Exempt (MFTE) program.  Originally designed for dense, urban communities, MFTE granted substantial tax breaks to developers in exchange for modest rent reductions.  The developer’s unpaid tax liability was then transferred to every local homeowner.  Salim undertook a cost-benefit analysis which revealed the MFTE program was a bad fit for Mercer Island.  Had MFTE not been repealed, residents would have borne a heavier tax burden in the future.