During his time on Council, Nice voted to keep Mercer Island Parks safe and accessible for all, support funding Public Safety Departments, secure short-term funding to retain youth counselors, preserve the Island’s residential character, and monitor City Budgets for management with accountability.

Public Safety

Islanders should be able to live, work and play safely in our community. During my time on the Council, I have prioritized policy and actions which maintain and improve the safety of our community and residents. From protecting the most vulnerable members of our community in the pandemic, to expanding municipal codes which protect our parks and public spaces, the safety of our community is a vital element in maintaining the high quality of life we enjoy on Mercer Island. I will continue to work closely with our MIPD to understand and support their commitment to proactive, effective and compassionate law enforcement in our community.

  • Implemented Senior Shopping Hours at local grocery stores in the early days of the COVID pandemic (2020)
  • Secured $50,000 of capital funding in the Biennial Budget to convert the former Tully’s building into a town center MIPD precinct (2020)
  • Voted to secure ALPR technology for MIPD using Federal Seizure Funds (2020)
  • Voted to expand no-camping codes to both parks and public spaces (2021)

Financial Sustainability

I have been honored to use my professional expertise, critical thinking and “no-fear”, accountable decision making during my time on the council.   These decisions have been tough, consequential, and impactful.  I keep Mercer Islanders’ interests at the forefront of my decisions.  I am human; I will make mistakes.  When I make a mistake, I own it, apologize, and pivot toward a more successful outcome. 

  • Voted in favor of developing Guiding Budget Reduction Principles (2018)
  • Voted to set the Solid Waste Contract administrative fee at 0% rather than 2.1% (2018)
  • Voted to approve numerous Cost Saving Measures in response to COVID Emergency Operations (2020)
  • Voted to appropriate Contingency Funds to address MIYFS fund deficit (2020)

High Ethical Standards

I have worked and will continue to work on the current city ethical standards code.  I support the necessary revisions to finally put a transparent and enforceable Code of Ethics in place.

I will continue to listen to residents, not special interest groups.  I do not delegate decision making authority to off-island interests.

The Council and the City Manager give top priority to transparency in our city government. It hasn’t always been this way. Neighborhood social media platforms have made issues like, park preservation, city finances, ethics, ordinance changes, levies, etc. more visible and thereby improved transparency in governance.

  • Voted to adopt a new Chapter in the MICC Code of Ethics (2018)
  • Voted against dismissing a Code of Ethics violation (2021)
  • Voted in favor of providing Code of Ethics training to all Board and Commissioners (2021)

Parks Use and Preservation


Mercer Islanders enjoy the many benefits of a robust and diverse parks and open space system that permits its residents and guests a variety of activities from a passive walk in the park to more active recreational activities. Personally, my family benefits daily from the variety of green spaces our community is fortunate to have.

Parks have many beneficial attributes including promoting human health, stimulating community interaction, and supporting environmental sustainability in a variety of ways.

As our community and region continue to grow, I am committed to protecting our green spaces from commercial development and encroachment. Over the past four years, I have consistently listened to our community, and lent my voice in support of optimal usage and preservation.

I look forward, over the next four years, to working to ensure our parks and open space system is well maintained, protected, and will be a long-lasting legacy to our children.

As the many community polls on development, growth and green space have shown, the majority of Islanders support carefully planned development, conscientious growth, and park preservation. 

Development decisions are permanent.  I support, along with the majority of our community, a new, comprehensive plan for Town Center, which promotes more vibrancy, more retail shops and restaurants, and ample parking for patrons.

  • Voted to endorse I-1631, Carbon Emissions Fee Measure (2018)
  • Voted to adopt the 2019 Joint Climate Commitments presented by the K4C (2019)
  • Voted to award the Watercourse Stabilization project to Green Earthworks (2020)
  • Voted in favor of reinstating the City Council Sustainability Committee (2021)
  • Voted to hire a limited-term Recreation Specialist as part of the Recreation Recovery Plan (2021)
  • Voted to expand no-camping codes to both parks and public spaces (2021)

Community Engagement

I will continue to encourage and support community engagement.  It will be increasingly important as the issues around the bus transit center, town center development, parks and infrastructure challenges all are spotlighted and no doubt debated. Big decisions, VERY big decisions, will be made in the next few years about these important issues, and it matters greatly that the community is involved in not only the debate but the decision making.

It takes courage to come speak to the Council, and I appreciate that not everyone is comfortable in doing so. I encourage our community to do what you can to make your voice heard – do not underestimate the value and the power of an email.

Your views on the agenda items matter to the Council, indeed they often make the difference on how the Council votes. 

I would remind everybody that Council meetings are broadcast live on Comcast channel 21. Video archives of all Council meetings can be viewed on the City‘s website.

Your voice matters. Please continue to use it. My job on the City Council is to listen to you.

  • Voted to extend the Public Hearing for the Transportation Improvement Program (2020)
  • Voted to adopt a moratorium on Town Center development and schedule a Public Hearing (2020)