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Public Safety And Quality Of Life

Public Safety and Quality of Life

Behind the Scenes, Salim went right to work for you creating Senior hours at local grocery stores.  In the early days of the 2020 Pandemic, Salim worked tirelessly to organize new practices for daily living.  One of the most important first changes was encouraging grocery stores to be available to seniors in their opening hours of when they had been freshly cleaned.

“I thought that this would be something useful to work with our island retailers.  I didn’t realize I’d have to go high up in the corporate chains to get it done,” Nice said. “I kept urging them (to) keep it simple (and) to do it fast, that’s the key to being effective with this strategy.”

In February 2021, Mercer Island unfairly made the national news with accusations that the Council wanted to “Criminalize” homelessness.  Nothing could be farther from the truth. The truth is that this small addition of language to a current ordinance simply added sidewalks and other public spaces to existing restrictions on overnight camping on public property.  MIPD has never, repeat never, in 30 years, arrested anyone for being homeless on MI.  As our Police Chief explained, MIPD is committed to compassion and to helping people get to the services they need.  Salim agrees, and he is quoted here: